Wednesday, February 27, 2013

White and orange(s)

The river valley here before the snow taken by Steve. He likes to walk along the paths down there. I will run there occasionally

 View from my window early this morning.The slight glow in the middle  is from Naomi's condos. Must have been right before their power outage

Our street
We are surrounded with white. Maybe 6 inches of heavy snow fell. The neighbor's arborvitae are drooped over our patio from the weight. Lots of power outages including Naomi's condo. Surprisingly we do have power. We lost it the other day on a calm sunny day for about an hour but Naomi must be powered from a different system.

I called Josh to see if he was OK. He was on the freeway which is clear.

New orange fact I learned this week. Bergamot is a type of orange. Its oil is used to flavor Earl Grey tea.
My new favorite orange: Cara-Caras, a cross between an orange and a grapefruit. They are sweet and pink inside. When I was on the Red Devil, I craved Sweeties which were in season. With my acid stomach, I tended to avoid acidic food, coffee was way too harsh, but I wanted those tangerines. Most disappointing orange: the Seville orange aka bitter orange. These are large, beautiful oranges. The streets of Seville were lined with trees bearing them. Goody! Free food! But yuck! They are used for British marmalade.

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