Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Never Ending cough

All is relative
This is truly the cold from hell. I go into these coughing jags that make me feel that I will cough up a lung. Still I felt better yesterday and took advantage of the sun ( 30 degrees!!!! Almost tropical) to run more than an hour along the river valley. I felt fine for the first half hour but then I started to sag. By night time, I felt awful again. On the positive side, I am getting a lot of reading done in the middle of the night.

After our river bank experience, we went for a drive to investigate where Josh thinks he will build a house. Not impressed plus if he wants me to help on a daily basis, the drive from here is not easy. I will have to persuade him to build closer to Shanna even if it is more expensive.

I had Steve run into a local coffee shop (I looked like hell). They automatically gave him the senior discount . He was taken back. When I had my gray hair, I was always offered these silly things but this was a first for him.

Right now he is consulting with a dental surgeon about the many things needed to be done in his mouth, implants, crown replacements etc.This will cost a lot as falling apart teeth is considered 'cosmetic'.
When he was growing up, his parents would throw various pop bottles on the table for beverages (although in NYC, the term used is 'soda'. Pop is only here in the Midwest) This was not good for his teeth. When I met him, he was in the process of getting all his molars capped. He was in his early twenties!!! Parents avoid this stuff. If it was up to me, I would never have let my kids drink this (they got their soda at the grandparents') And now, what was underneath the caps has decayed. One dental problem after another. And he spends lots of time on dental hygiene. Too late to undo his childhood though.

Right now I should be at my class but I don't feel well. This day of rest better make me better.

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