Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Since when are flesh colored lips in?

Maya likes her big shoes
The boys

Shanna's house this weekend. It now has a second floor

My own white lip look back in 9th grade

Cutest Tess. Even without lipstick, her lips are more colorful than the actresses'
I love watching award shows especially seeing the dresses. Loved Jennifer Hudson's especially. But so many of the actresses' faces looked washed out. They all (except Jessica Chastain who had very red lips) had beige lips. I am not sure how long this trend has been going on but to me, it does not look attractive.
Ha! Who am I to say?

I saw only one movie this year in the theater and it was the winner, Argo.

We are in the midst of an ice storm that is turning into a snow storm. Fortunately, the promised 8 inches has been scaled back somewhat. Still the roads are hazardous. All my kids are accounted for though. No driving tonight.  February has been a poor month for running especially with this lingering cold I had most of the month. I've been trying to make up for lost miles this week. But tomorrow, it will be impossible so I skipped my LiveStrong (weight training and other stuff) today so I could get a run in. Maybe I will use my own weights tomorrow. Later I took Maya to story hour where my other grandchildren were and we all came back here. I love having them all together.

Since Julie's mom and I were in different years, we didn't know many of the same people. She did know 2 though; a boy on my street, TV,  that was my enemy most of the time. Later he had a hot affair with a friend of mine. Even later he was a co-worker. The other, the home coming princess of that year. She was elected not because she was some great beauty but she had an extremely sunny personality with a smile for everyone, even me. Julie's mother told me that she is dead. We had one teacher in common. This lady had given Julie's mom detention for some minor crime. She taught World Religions, a class I was very disappointed with. We ended up memorizing the dates of each religion's major holidays..not very interesting. At one point we learned about Catholicism. She was Catholic. I asked How often do you go to confession? meaning the plural you, not her personally. (this is where Italian would have come in handy. If I used the voi form, there would have been no problem). But she jumped all over me saying what an incredibly personal question that was. Argh!

She knew a teacher I never had had but I knew him.  She had said he was the most boring teacher ever. I said, Oh, he was my dad's friend. And she got all apologetic  I assured her that my dad had very strange friends. Boring would be the nicest thing you could say about some of them.

All in all the meeting had gone well. I said only a few things that made Josh cringe. Julie and her mom seem very close so I assume she will become a big part of Josh's life too.

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Holly said...

do you remember pink frosted lipstick?? i used to put it on while on the school bus in high school circa 1973!!


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