Friday, February 15, 2013


Nothing ironic here. Found more pictures while cleaning out my closet

Me at 5. Not too much fading after 55 years. My mom never knew what to do with my hair
I am the bullet in the chamber
My body is my weapon, this is how I fight
Above our quotes from Pistorius's Nike commercial. But now he is accused of putting a bullet in his girlfriend.
But my favorites are the Carnival commercials showing what can go wrong if you do something other than take their cruises for a vacation. A camping trip results in a family huddling in their car terrified that the grizzly and the bison will soon break in and eat them. A trip to a theme park results in them being stuck upside down in a stalled roller coaster. One of the family members while upside down, gets a phone call. While rooting in the purse for the phone, everything falls to the ground. But I bet those doomed families on the Gulf cruise wish they went camping or did the theme park trip rather than endure what they did last week.

For Valentine's, I went to the dentist, romantic fool as I am. I was treated to 22 separate x-rays. Fortunately they didn't uncover much; just an ancient filling that is breaking down and will need a crown in the near future.

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