Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What yoga can and can not do

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with yoga except that it is my happy place: the green marble cliffs of Bonassola Italy
I am taking breast cancer yoga to deal with stiffness due to my cancer  treatment, inflexibility, and my poor balance. I m also using it as an exercise in relaxation.  This class is free thanks to Komen, at the Cancer Support Center. I also enjoy my classmates.

What I have problems with are the visualization exercises in which we are to find our golden center. We are to fill ourselves with the light of the universe, etc. The other day, our instructor was extolling the benefits of finding our balance. Without it, we could become PHYSICALLY ILL. This I did not appreciate. She is telling a group of breast cancer survivors that by being poor yogis, we set ourselves up for this awful disease.

Maybe BC was my fault. Bad health habits; bad karma. Who knows but I don't think it happened because I suck at yoga. And it didn't stop cancer from striking again for Momma Sunflower, our previous instructor. This gentle soul so devoted to yoga and to teaching it now has Stage 4 BC.

My former daughter-in-law has since become a certified yoga instructor and taught her first class the other day.

Last night my good friend who is dealing with numerous, horrific health issues called to say that they are adding yet another concern to her long list; a bad mammogram. She asked;  what did I do to deserve all this? Yes she knows better but sometimes things are just so overwhelming.. This person is the purest, most compassionate generous person I know yet she is in so much pain and has so many health worries. It is SO unfair.

How long will winter last.. I am hoping at worst 4 weeks. I waited impatiently for the windchill to be in the positive range for my run. At least some of the streets were cleared off.

This morning we met up with a lawyer to set up a trust. A pain but  it needs to be done in case we are both hit by a bus at the same time to make things easier for the kids. We did learn a few things about the law. Also I liked our lawyer. But we still are left with lots of decisions. What is the fair way to divide assets..according to need? Disregarding need?

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Holly said...

I have to get around to doing the trust thing too..I keep postponing it. Lucky for me I have only two children so everything is 50/50.


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