Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We had our inspection today. The condo is in excellent shape..wish we could say the same about our house though the inspector, who was very good, gave us some names. Only minor things wrong such as the garbage disposal having seized due to rust and no use. He was able to unseize it though. Some of the duct work has some holes in it that would impact the efficiency of the air conditioner. But the hot water heater, furnace, and air conditioner are brand new and top notch. The windows are new and insulated. The tenants should have a very low heating bill. We also received financial statements from the condo association. Seems to be in good shape to my untrained eye and regular maintenance seems to be taking place. We looked at much less expensive condos that had huge association fees making the fixed costs ridiculous. Of course our largest fixed cost will be Ann Arbor property taxes. Better deals can be found elsewhere but the location of this condo is excellent. UM won't go away. Once UM fills up my former employer's site, this condo is right there. Its value has to rise.

Another day of scorching heat and no rain. Fortunately there was enough cloud cover for me to run without collapsing from heat exhaustion earlier. Later it cooled down so the soccer players weren't totally miserable.

The last week of summer..how time flies.

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