Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mulholland Drive

 This map is from Wiki. If you start at the west end and drive, up, up, you'd be where we were
blurry but shows how deck overhangs canyon

Mustangs overlooking canyon

Mulholland Drive is a very sinuous road rising over the Hollywood Hills snaking on a ridge overlooking  various canyons and then dropping to the sea in the northern area of Malibu. It might be 40 miles long, hard to tell with all those hairpins. Long ago I tried to take it south to north overlooking the Hollywood sign and the Hollywood Bowl but had to retreat due to a mudslide. Yesterday we were asked if we'd like to visit some friends in Malibu. Naomi immediately said yes thinking beach house. It was pretty snaking along the ocean on the PCH seeing the fabulous homes overlooking the sea but then we turned on Mulholland heading straight up along the side of a canyon, scary turns that would mean immediate death if one wasn't paying attention..Naomi is thinking no beach house but we finally arrived at this beautiful home perched on the edge of a canyon, no other homes for miles, with a deck that jutted out giving great views. Yes my camera was clicking, will upload when I am home. The family had mustangs, wild horses rescued from the government but now trained and German Shepherds.
Love the chairs!

Lots of glass. Somehow the glass comes at right angles to each other without any framing
Living room/studio  The hostess, among her very many talents, is a photographer. Look for her work in the food displayed in Eat,Pray, Love

The adult children were all performance artists of various sorts so they were quite interesting as were our hosts. The home was  very interestingly and artistically decorated. Later I sat out with the many stars now visible as the lights of civilization were far away, perched over the canyon looking for the Perseids, though past their prime. No shooting stars! But certainly a night to remember. As I sat there thinking how great this was listening to the snorts and hooves of the mustangs below, I feel a furry body suddenly against my legs. A cat! Wasn't expecting that.

rattlesnake skin. There are snakes surrounding this paradise.

I did do a run yesterday morning running to the beach but having no energy to run along it and then run back. But I zig-zagged through neighborhoods looking at cute homes so it was a good run and a record number of miles run in the past week..more than 35. We went to the neighborhood Farmer's Market, not nearly as large as the one in downtown Santa Monica but still had plenty of booths. I had a bad impression of Calif. strawberries as the ones shipped to us are pretty but tasteless but they keep the good ones here; they were very sweet and tasty. We bought some goodies from a French pastry place and enormous peaches that were converted to an excellent pie with raspberries by my friend to be shared at our canyon dinner.

Farmer's Market

Today I am meeting up with Ojo from Noho, familiar to the TNBC community in cyberspace. The Eye from North Hollywood. We are going out to breakfast soon. We know so much about each other from our blogs but to connect in person will be interesting. Later it will be "Hollywood Day" promised to Naomi who wants to see the eponymous sign and see the stars..

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Holly said...

i am "ojo from NOHO" and i can attest that it was a wonderful meeting indeed! Sue - you are the BEST!! and i feel so fortunate to count you among my girl and grandgirl are adorableh -as are YOU!!


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