Monday, August 2, 2010

birds of a feather...

The attempts continue to get Ms. Hummingbird in action but she is too fast for the camera
Not my zinnias but from my visit to the Botanical gardens the other day
A girl can't have too many Michael Jordan onesies. Very hard to get her with her eyes open but on Naomi's  blog Rookie, she's got some

A lazy day here spent gardening, playing with Maya,  and spending the afternoon with a work buddy. At my last dentist visit, my dentist likes to figure out which of many ancient fillings will fail next and pointed to an upper bicuspid. I told him I wouldn't even deal with it until the baby is born and a bit older. Now it hurts and somehow, our insurance has lapsed. Wish I had it fixed in June when the insurance was still good. We had 'active' employee insurance for 2.5 years, now up, and was supposed to be switched over to a 'retiree plan'. this didn't happen and if I'm lucky, we might just get it in September. Meanwhile.. I chipped two teeth in the accident which fortunately doesn't need to be taken care of immediately although I look awful if I open my mouth. I hope I can ignore the bicuspid.

So much of our time is spent on insurance issues..all those denials when I had cancer (which eventually were settled my way), Naomi's fiascos, still unsettled though alegedly the hospital bill isn't a problem, just the pediatrician and the dental business.

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