Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last Day in Paradise

Alas, all good things must come to an end. We spent the last morning on the beach eating a very leisurely breakfast right off the bike path that I love to run on. This time, it was clear and we could see the water.On the way there and back, we looked at a few more local landmarks.

Mosaic house

Mosaic house from a different angle

Orange tree in its courtyard

Frank Gehry's house. He lives there. The front is hard to see and he has incorporated chain link fence into the structure itself..not sure if I like that

Teapot house. I noticed this the night before as I was running up and down the local streets

We had absolutely wonderful hosts and Maya has now a few more aunts and an uncle. We learned about raw food that my friend's  wonderful, very earnest 18 year old daughter is very committed to. She has an organic garden that she shared some its harvest with us. The husband shared his love of astronomy with us. On the last night, Naomi looked into the telescope to see Jupiter rising. I will post some of these pictures when I get them. Naomi adores California now and is plotting her return there.

Breakfast on the beach looking away from the water. The Palisades are in the background

The bike path, beach and the water. Both Maya and Naomi got much darker on this trip

 The ride back was shorter and no delays this time. Just as well as it was 1:30 this morning when we finally got home.

I have more pictures to add over the next few days. Keep posted!

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Teri Bernstein said...

What a wonderful visit! Ms M was lamenting this morning that she missed the baby!


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