Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Getty

Those 3 tree like affairs are covered with my favorite bougainvillea, a very slow growing plant. Much more vegetation on it since I saw them in 2006. If I lived in CA, bouganvillea would be all over my space but I am told it is slow growing and sensitive.
The Getty is a wondrous place that I try to go to any time that I am in LA. Although Naomi might have been more impressed with the Beverly Hills shopping zone (which we did a drive through..too hot to drag Maya through it), she did appreciate our perch on top of the hill where we could see for miles fancy hilltop homes, the ocean, downtown LA (which we never got close to on this trip) and of course the traffic jam on the 405. Naomi is not much of an art fan but she loved the architecture of the travertine buildings and the fountains. I love the gardens..the bougainvillea trees are starting to fill in nicely.

My favorite picture at the Getty Spring by Alma-Tameda This wiki pic does not do it justice. In person, the colors are vibrant and thickly applied. It celebrates May Day (not the Russian revolution one as this painting was made in the 1890s). Back in NY, Mayday was a big thing full of dancing around a Maypole. None of that in Michigan. Other favorites: Irises by Van Gogh and one of Monet's Waterlilies under his Japenese bridge at Giverny.

Spiral pool

Mirror sculpture that kids can play with. There are pieces of me, Naomi and my friend in the mirrors

Earlier, we went to visit 6 month twins, grandchildren of a friend of my hostess, in Beverly Hills. The twins are average size babies but Maya weighs almost as much as they do and probably is as long. They could do tricks like grabbing for things that she can't.It was fun to see them together.

Naomi, Maya and amonst the flowers

My precious grandson turns one today. Time flies! I am obviously missing his birthday though I was honored to see him at his birth.. I remember  clearly his struggling to breathe. He could not nurse and breathe at the same time as he was immature. Shanna pumped milk around the clock so he could be tube fed. He could not have any stimulation as his pulse ox would go down. Scary times but now, none the worse for wear. He is a large, beautiful happy guy eager to show off his tricks. Daniel is a people pleaser.

Daniel on a Cape Cod Beach

While my friend was at class last night, I ran in the neighborhood: up one street, down another so at most I was a mile away with the setting sun. It was especially pretty running north as I could see the set setting over the mountains. The day had been hot even so close to the coast but at dusk, it was cool and dry. None of the homes are the same here. I need to take a picture of the teapot house. I cooled down sipping a coconut bubble tea. Later the husband and I picked up Oaxacan food right across the street from where Shanna first lived here 8 years ago. Interesting moles and my tamale or tamal was wrapped in banana leaves.

We leave later today. Time to return to reality. I think Naomi will remember this as the best time of her life.

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