Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An election day widow

Maya with her eyes open. They look brown here but are really pale blue for now. This is from Naomi's blog, a combination blog and babybook. It is good that she practices expressing herself.

Steve got up at 5 am to be an election official. He won't return until quite late. I had taken the necessary class  to become one myself anticipating working in the national election but then found I had cancer and cancelled. I am still qualified to work one. The precinct head had called the other day to confirm times and I promptly hung up on him when I heard the word election as I am tired of listening to the candidates. Just got another call as I typed this. When the guy called back, I figured he just wanted to talk to Steve.

I ran early to beat the heat. I will be on a road trip for the next few days so I am not sure how much running I will be able to do or how much I will be posting. I do hope to have some good pictures of my trip.Steve will be home to deal with stuff here.


Holly said...

have a good trip...you deserve some fun!!

Bernie said...

I have been following you around Sue visiting some of our cancer fighting friends so thought I would stop in and say hello.
Have a great trip......:-) Hugs

Alli said...

Hi Sue
Have a good trip.... BTW where are you off to this time?



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