Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bad Eggs

I volunteered to help out once at a cabin retreat for Naomi's Girl Scout Troop. I had been the leader for 6 years for Shanna's but decided to sit back for Naomi's (I did coach her soccer team however). Anyrate, the leader had the girls hard at work scrubbing eggs. Why? Because they are covered with salmonella.
I guess I live dangerously as I never have scrubbed my eggs before using them. Besides, the organism would be inside the shell.
But now there are egg recalls all over the place.

Beautiful cool morning today; perfect for extending my run.
Then...went to look at some investment property. I am putting our offer in tomorrow. Hope it is accepted.

Nice night for soccer too though Sunny wanted to break loose and be on the field with Josh. She whined piteously when told to sit down and be quiet.

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