Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer evenings

The patio looking west in the evening. The pink ceramic sculpture on the ground is what I fell on chipping two teeth. Finally have dental insurance again as of 9-1 so next week, they will be fixed
Steve finally has captured one of the hummingbirds in mid-air. We have Ms. Chirpy who never stops chirping and Ms. Silent One who is more green.

Two nights a week I spend watching Josh play soccer. For the new season, the games start earlier as daylight (sob) is disappearing. Sometimes Julia is there or the other soccer mom, such as last night. There is a soccer wife there too. So far his new team is undefeated.

Naomi is now a professional guinea pig trying to register for as many studies as possible. She's currently doing a 'traumatic birth' one assessing the damage from her pushing so quickly. I would argue that her birth must be one of the least traumatic on record but hers fit their criteria of pushing less than 30 minutes (more like 5 minutes) for a first time mom. They paid her $111 to be in a MRI for an hour today while we watched Maya. She will get two more of these.


What state's postal code is the last 2 letters of its name?

Alaska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Delaware and Idaho: What do these states have in common?

Answer to the 2nd: States whose residents have not visited my site in the past 3 months according to my Flag Counter. Maybe they came before I added it. I have a stat counter that resets every 500 visits. The Flag counter does not.

What states have the most unique visitors to my site other than Michigan? In order CA,WA,Oregon, NJ, GA,TX, and AL. Despite being a populous state, NY is way down. Don't know the postal code for Oregon though I would guess OR.

Ten provinces from Canada have visited my site: All except Prince Edward Island, NW terr and that Indian one..Nuvvinit? Most popular: Ontario followed by Alberta (most of those being Daria's friends)

Australia, UK and Canada are tied for providing visitors.
Most common non-English speaking? Turkey follwed closely by Italy

What are the non-English speaking people looking for?
Donkey Stew

Answer to the first question:


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