Friday, August 27, 2010

Our first real estate investment

Living room. The TV stays. Nice balcony off to the side
Bathroom Nice tile, Corian vanity, all up-dated
Another view of the kitchen

Kitchen with really nice cabinets and beautiful quartz counters

This is the condo we are investing in. We got a counter offer 4 hours after we submitted our original. Still a good deal. Michigan real estate in general is quite depressed making this a buyer's market. But Ann Arbor is an island and I am hoping that the value of this increases as a rental property. This has 2 large bedrooms, lots of closets, and a basement full of shelves and a washer and dryer. The condo is quite old but recently updated.

I have spent the last 2 days researching this. One of the moms is a real estate agent and has helped me.
We went out to lunch with Josh and Julia, which was nice.
Mom's night tonight: My job dessert. Stuffed Italian peaches. So I hollowed out some peaches, chopped up the insides mixing with brutti (couldn't find any amaretti which I was supposed to use but brutti are really similar), cocoa, almonds and marsala and stuffed them and baked. I am supposed to serve them with marscarpone cheese but I made a sauce from yogurt cheese. It is tasty.

With so much going on today, I didn't run but tomorrow...tomorrow...


Holly said...

congrats! how exciting!!

Teri Bernstein said...

Wow, Sue! I had no idea you were thinking of this! Congrats. Also..what is the name of the peach recipe you describe...I have 10 perfect peaches here...

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Out of my Mediterrean Cookbook,
Stuffed peaches with Mascarpone cream.
4 Peaches halved and pitted (not along the equator but cut pole to need to skin)
2 oz crumbled amaretti (used Trader Joe brutti instead as I live in a cultural waste land devoid of amaretti)
2T ground almonds
1 T cocoa powder
3T sugar. I didn't use this because my peaches are sweet
2/3 c sweet wine ( I used marsala but sherry or dessert port would be fine..also this is too much wine cut back).
Scoop out inside of peaches leaving around half inch flesh around skin (so they look like miniature squash halves). Dice up this peach flesh and mix with above ingredients.Fill peach halves, dot tops with a thin slice of butter and Bake 35 minutes in buttered oven proof pan at 400 deg.

Serve at room temp with mascarpone cream. Now instead of that stuff, I took a quart of lowfat yogurt (like Dannon..can't have emulsifers in it) and drained over a colander lined with paper towels (coffee filter will work too) to give yogurt cheese. Added 4T of confectioner's sugar, 1 t almond extract and 2T of marsala to make a sauce.
People seemed to like it.Hardest part was trying to grind the brutti in the coffee grinder..didn't work. Smashed them to bits with a hammer.


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