Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mother's Beach

Results of the pedicure a few days later. My feet have the weird tan lines on them.
Hmmmm..I wonder where Maya got her huge feet from

I ran for more than 7 miles along the coast yesterday without seeing the water. Coastal fog. I could see for about 50 feet around me but it was cool and nice.

To convince Naomi to rid herself of those talons, which would not impress the visiting nurse at all next week at least in the right way, I offered her a spa pedicure and manicure IF the nails go. So we all went in to  have this done. I haven't ever had a pedicure as my feet have been damaged due to running and  the Taxol changes to my nails though my fingernails are finally fine.  Also my latest injury left a pool of blood under one of the nails. Delightful. But now they look pretty. Naomi had a French manicure on her feet too. Her nails are a respectable length though way too short for her tastes. Now she can text faster and deal with Maya easier.

There is this beach in Marina del Rey that is protected from the surf and has lots of playground equipment called Mother's Beach. It was chilly for being next to the water though the fog finally cleared. It was nice just chillin' there.
Maya in her temporary bedding..a laundry basket. Very cozy.


Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

The inner part of your right ankle..Naomi notices the strangest things

Holly said...

ah.....it is Kanji (Japanese) for mother....

Nae said...

its not strange... she obviously got it so people would see it, and i saw it and liked it.


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