Monday, August 16, 2010

Hollywood and Holly

Holly and I
The bracelet Holly gave me. It has pink hearts and a butterfly dangling from it along with the jewelled pink ribbon
I got the manicure a day later
Yesterday Holly aka Ojo from Noho, and I went to breakfast at a near-by cafe and had a good talk about our similar experiences, our cyber date so to speak. She has been on my blog almost as long as I have had it. She even gave me a gift, a beautiful bracelet she had made. Pictures will be inserted once I can. It was a treasured time: thank-you Holly for suggesting it.

Maya on her way to Hollywood. Looks like she is holding an imaginary steering wheel

Far niente...the pleasure in doing nothing. An easy to understand concept here. Naomi is happy to lounge around in and out of the pool and hot tub in between tending to her baby but she is aware of the exciting world just past this house. Where would that be? Hollywood! We first tried to get as close to the sign as possible traveling up Beechwood. Lots of ohs and ahs passing the spectacular homes. Then on to the Walk of the Stars and the Chinese Theater where they have the footprints and handprints of the stars. Ms Maya's feet are almost the size of some of the ladies'. Biggest feet? Johnny Depp. Michael Jackson's star had 2 competing impersonators on it. Inland, it is quite a bit warmer. Ms Maya had enough of all this and screamed most of the way home. Naomi is surprisingly patient during these crying jags..of course, what can she do? But she has miraculously turned into Ms Serene, hard to believe.

The Famous sign. Mulholland Drive runs on top of it
Arch and elephant
This one looks more like him
Naomi trying to fill Depp's shoes

My friend relaxing in the Beechwood canyon area
The Hollywood Arch
2 MJ impersonaters and star
Ripley museum
Pretty ceiling
We were tired. Into the hottub with a glass of wine for my friend and I. The hubby bbq'd filet mignon and sea bass, both incredibly tasty. Naomi couldn't get enough of the filet..she of course is not fed this routinely (or at all!) I quickly fell asleep after watching Mad Men.
Hollywood elephant
Chinese theater
Chinese theater side

Public sculpture in Beechwood area

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