Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to Michigan

Ms. Maya at 50 days. The scale has her weighing in at 14 but it is not accurate. At 2 months, Naomi weighed 12# and Josh 14#. I am thinking she's more Josh sized

It is amazing how many weeds can suddenly appear in a weeks time. I have to be very careful now that poison ivy can suddenly appear anywhere and I won't notice it until it is too late. Steve has found several new areas of it that never had poison ivy before. Aside from the usual weeds such as chickweed, violets and columbine are taking over some of my beds. Also a new, nasty weed that I never saw before this year. It has shallow roots but it has tendrils that wrap themselves around my good plants so to pull it out, I end up taking the desired plants with it. I call it the cancer plant.
Even though it is still toasty here, I returned to lower humidity so I have been able to run comfortably for the past 2 days. I am also back to eating considerably less. I was so bloated on my 2 vacations.
Each morning I have a coffee cup in one hand and my dead-heading scissors in the other. So much stuff to cut back. My morning glory vines have formed a thick canopy that is blocking the light for my other plants and my solar lights. The one variety still hasn't flowered though the other has its dark purple blossoms all over the place. My hummingbird feeder was almost dry; either I had a leak or it is becoming more popular. As soon as I refilled it, 2 of them came flitting by trying to keep the other one from feeding. The morning glories are hiding it but if these hummingbirds can find their way back to my patio from Belize, I am sure they have no trouble finding it.
As I was running yesterday, a runner with her little terrier suddenly stopped and pulled off earphones to say Hi. She was one of the ex-Moms having kids Shanna's and Josh's ages and used to live in our neighborhood. Of all the mom's kids, Josh is closest to her daughter sharing a best friend. This mom has had 2 types of cancer making it 4 out of 6 of us. As she now lives 4.5 miles from me, I was surprised to find her running in our neighborhood but she probably drove. A nine mile run would be tough on a terrier though it looked to be expending less effort than she did.
The fall soccer season has begun and Josh and his buddy are on a new team. I went to watch last night sitting next to a wife of a player and their cute toddler. At one point, Josh looked at me speaking to the mom and put his fingers to his lips. He thinks I speak too loudly.To see him run is a thing of beauty. No one is faster than him. It was his 4th anniversary yesterday. He left quickly to change to take Julia out.

Today will be Naomi's 6 week (although closer to 7) check-up.

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