Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where in the world was I?

Was I in China? Japan?

No Canada.
This is a picture I took in the Chinese gardens of the Montreal Botanical gardens.

My grandfather's widow Jeannette moved back to Montreal after his death. She died this February and left me some objects that originally were my biological grandmother's. I went last week with a good friend to pick  them up making a mini vacation out of it. How much were these objects worth? Who knows? We on both sides of the border had been researching this. Customs wanted a value. I brought a letter swearing that these objects were all originally purchased in the US by Americans even though they have been in the custody of a Canadian for 25 years. I fretted that I would have a nightmare at the border with them ripping apart the many boxes but in the end, from the customs lottery, I won the good agent; friendly and professioonal who was satisfied that I had the papers without looking at them.

We had a blast and both have taken many pictures. I will write at length about my experience but here, lots of unfinished business to take care of so I will put off blogging.

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