Wednesday, August 11, 2010

While I was gone...

  • Ms Maya had her first month check-up weighing a hefty 11#2oz putting her in the 92%tile for weight and 97%tile for height. She looked healthy in their other screens.
  • Naomi decided again she was tired of red hair despite how beautiful I think it is and put this ugly black wash on it. Fortunately it is already fading. Last time, it was mostly gone by the end of the month.
  • Steve was subpoened to appear in court. Steve was an election official and apparently his precinct didn't record the few votes that a write-in candidate received. He had to add them up again.
  • We got a job offer. It wasn't clear if this was for both of us or one of us. On the plus side, we know all the co-workers as they all came from our former place of employment and like them and money would be nice. On the negative side, we are not interested in being bench chemists. I was trying to convince Steve to do it at least part time but he didn't see the fairness in that.
  • My dental insurance is straightening out. Maybe now in September I can have my teeth fixed. They presumably give me character but not the type of character I want to be.
Since I've been back...
  • One of the "Moms" is getting remarried this fall. We went to a very nice poolside shower for her Sunday afternoon
  • Went to a 'family dinner' at my son's. Julia keeps trying out new dishes and is quite the cook.
  • Been running in oppressive humidity to make up for my sloth in Canada
  • Still no bright blue morning glories despite all the many vines covering everything like kudzu though the small dark purple ones are blooming all over
  • Went to Happy Hour with a friend. Always nice.
  • My last soccer night for a while. It is nice to sit watching the guys play (and win now) while talking with Julia, my DIL.
Preparing to leave once again and looking very much forward to it.Again my posts will be sporadic

While I am gone....

A good friend will do the 3 day  60 mile (yes 60!!!) Komen Walk starting Friday wearing a picture of me and several other breast cancer survivors. She knows plenty of them as sadly, we are so common. Hopefully this walk will make us less so. I feel bad about not being here to physically cheer her on but I will be thinking of her from afar. She has put in numerous miles and I am very proud of her dedication. She also has raised around $3000. I did do a training walk with her (only 8 miles; I passed on the 18 mile ones) meeting up with other survivors that I have met during treatment and afterwards. There is an article in today's Free Press about her group headed up by my former neighbor (and the mom of Josh's former girlfriend)

So be strong, my good friend! I am very, very proud of you and am in awe of your dedication.


Holly said...

hi - thanks for the comments on Carol..i, too, hate this stupid disease....any chance that you and your hubbie (as part time bench chemists) could discover the cure??

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Well we are passing on the job. I think our disease will be most likely treated through targeted therapy similiar to Herceptin for the her2 pos ladies. The PARP inhibitors seem to help somewhat. I haven't heard yet the results of the mucin vaccine trials. Many TNBC cells have mucin on their surface. The mucin vaccine will theoretically cause our immune system to recognize and destroy anything with mucin on it thus preventing mets.


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