Thursday, August 12, 2010

Greetings from the land of milk and honey

Naomi, Maya and I last night hopped on a jet plane and took it to LA. Naomi is thrilled. She can't imagine why anyone would want to live anywhere else than Santa Monica. Palm trees, lots of hummingbirds, hot tubs, pools, beach, 70 degree highs. She wants to photograph it all.

Ginger walking around the hot tub and pool. If you look at her straight on, she looks like a mountain lion
On the of the rock fountains. Hummingbirds took turns taking their baths in it

Black sedum among blue grass all over my friend's yard

Sea Lavender

Naomi chillaxin' on the front porch. Nice place to sip coffee while reading the paper. Naomi is texting away

The plane ride wasn't fun as we had to share seats with a large, nasty man who kept invading Naomi's personal space with his over-sized legs. He immediately requested a new seat that didn't have an infant next to it but alas, for all involved, none was available. We landed on time despite a very late start but no gate for us. Delta refused to find a new one. Meanwhile they had a survey on their touch screen. Usually I avoid these things but was a tad irritated to just sit there for so long unnecessarily and I thought I could use the time giving them a piece of my mind but what kind of questions did they ask? How we liked the appearance of the tray tables, carpets, seats, etc. Nothing at all about the service and their planning. (we were late taking off as the catering truck didn't show, then no gate, then no jet tug, then no baggage handlers) We got to my friend's home around 3 am, Michigan time. A long day. On the plane, we kept ourselves amused playing trivia against the other passengers on the touch screen. I was the all time champion but through blind luck, Naomi won a round which thrilled her.

So Naomi is now basking happily in the sun with the baby bundled beside her.


Holly said...

wait - you're in Santa Monica?? for how long?? let's meet for a glass of wine or something...i am free all day on Sunday

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

That could work...(Sunday)
I know you recently had trouble with someone breaking into your email account but do you have an email that I could reach you? I am staying near Ocean Beach and 29th until Wednesday.
It would be cool to meet..


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