Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Self improvement projects

I now have 2 newly repaired teeth! Actually 3 though one of them is a work in progress. Our new dental plan started today so I lost no time in using it. Six weeks ago I lost my balance on the step to my patio and did a face plant into a ceramic sculpture splitting my lip and my gum (lots of blood!), scrapping my knee, spraining my toe, causing a blood blister under the toe nail and chipping 3 teeth: 2 of the them being the top two incisors.  Everything has healed except the teeth.The dental office always treats me like their only patient (maybe I am) and were very welcoming wanting details on Maya. The most severely chipped one was fixed in 10 minutes. Only a corner seemed to be missing in the other tooth and I could live with that but he said, I had a filling behind the tooth that I unseated so that needed to be replaced. This was much more work. To have cavities in the front teeth is uncommon but when I was 12 or so, I was tired of being pudgy. I devised this really poor diet in which if I were hungry, I'd just suck on a lemon. I sucked on alot of lemons and suddenly cavities started forming (hardly any cavities before that). They didn't put silver fillings in incisors but this rough composite stuff that to my tongue, felt like plaster. My dentist said the stuff lasts forever (44 years until the face plant) but stains irreversibly. So my front tooth had this dark underside..but no more! The new composites with micronized porcelain are smooth and resist stains. All together, I was in the chair for 2.5 hours. Alot was for the crown I had agreed to previously..a crown a year.
The assistant is very interested in Naomi as she was a young, single mom herself. She had lots of good advice. Her child is spending the last 2 years of high school as a college student earning 60 credits. I keep a mental list of successful children of young single moms so I will add that one along with Shaq's name. His mom wrote an eloquent op-ed for Newsweek a few months ago about the struggles of being 16 and pregnant.

And back to the Y. My Livestrong scholarship had run out and the new lady in charge had never heard of such an arrangement. Even though our pension is quite small, it is still too big in their eyes. Finally she talked to upper management to continue the program for LiveStrong alums as we are role models for those in treatment and those just starting the program. So thank-you Y and thank-you Lance Armstrong. One of the things on my list is to give back to this program beyond my fundraising effort with Naomi's bball team. Perhaps I will become a trainer. So for 2 months, no strength training even though the program had supplied me with all sorts of stretchy things. There's always wall push-ups, Josh's abandoned weights, my friend's deluxe indoor gym in CA...did I use any of these things? NO!!! Lazy, lazy. I did run 250 miles though.

My daughter in law now relies on yoga to keep in shape. One of her classes takes place in a room above 90. Yuck! I can guarantee no women of a certain age in that class..pure torture. Apparently it is tough on men too. She recently invited her father to partake. After a while, he needed to walk out. Just stopping the activity wasn't cooling him enough and he's in excellent shape regularly running and skiing. She once told me that he was a Viet Nam vet. No, how can that be? The guys a year older than me were the last to high school boyfriend must have had the highest lottery number to be drafted. But as usual looks can be deceiving. He is actually 4 or 5 years older than me..he just looks younger.

Hopefully this is the last day of the Heat. On to Happy Hour now..

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