Friday, September 10, 2010

The Girl who dreamt of Hornets' Nests

Good Golly Ms. Maya. Her eyes are still very blue despite what this picture indicates. I don't think she's dreaming of hornets..probably just has dreams of milk, milk and more milk.

I've had several dreams of hornets lately. One in which I look up under my eaves and see multiple bumps indicative of hornet nests. Now I do have several paper wasps nests. I try to blow them away with the hose. If that doesn't work, then chemical warfare. The other night, I look up in my dream and on the chimney, there appears to be a minaret: a huge white hornets' nest upside down and onion shaped. I show a disbelieving Josh who says that hornets' nests are gray not white. I assume my dreams are based in me finding the hornets' nest last month tucked under the wild grapes next to the basketball backboard. I found a piece of 'hornet paper' and then looked straight up. You don't need to kick a nest to make them mad: the vibrations from the basketball hitting the backboard was enough for them to swarm in fury after Don'tae.

The weather has changed; only 41 degrees here this morning. I needed to borrow Josh's jacket as I watched him play soccer last night. Soon they will be playing in the dark. His team continues to steamroll over the competition. I love watching him play, so graceful and athletic. How did I help create such a man?

The coolness makes it easy to run. I feel comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts as long as it is above freezing. Of course, I wear a long sleeve t-shirt if it much below 40. Not much scheduled here in the next few days. Perhaps I should tackle some projects for a change.

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Holly said...

your grand daughter is more gorgeous each day!!


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