Friday, September 17, 2010

The Ex-Existential Heroine

Steve and Maya. Ms Maya turned 11 weeks yesterday

A few months after I graduated, my  then-boyfriend and I lived in separate states. I would send him lengthy accounts of the absurdities that I dealt with; teaching spoiled high achieving physical science students by day and low achieving adult math students at night fitting in my job at the Hearing Inst counting hair cell loss in guinea pigs and correlating that with antibiotic dosage. I also had my duties in the co-op. He referred to me as his Existential Heroine. But when I was forced to earn a living working for All that is Evil in his eyes (making drugs so someone could profit from human misery), I was no longer his heroine. For the first year of this blog, he was on it regularly but unless he has changed his address, he has disappeared into cyberspace. Maybe he will recognize himself and resurface.

It is a cloudy cool day. I wore a sweater to last night's soccer game. The team suffered their first defeat even though they were the better team. There is no transitivity in soccer and no fairness: the better team doesn't always win.

A friend of mine lost an adult child this week. I can not imagine the pain she must be feeling.

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Alli said...

Sue you have beautiful grandchildren, Mya has really filled out and the little boys are so adorable.....

Love Alli XoXo


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