Friday, September 3, 2010


There is a time of evening that suddenly all the bats take flight and cover the sky. Yesterday this was around 7:40 pm at Fuller Field. Hundreds of them with their high pitched squeals flying high. Lots of food for them too. Sometimes I confuse them with  my former tenants, the chimney swifts who hunt in organized packs constantly communicating to each other but of course, they fly high and fast. They are all gone now usually leaving for Peru in mid August. The swifts now have left my chimney alone for 2 years but were extremely noisy when they lived in it. When they roost, they are still chattering to each other. They can not land on a horizontal surface as most birds.

I pointed out the bats to Josh as he was finishing his game. No time to talk..he had to hurry home to register his fantasy football team but we'll take a long walk with Sunny this morning, weather permitting. Then he and Julia will leave for up north and we will have Sunny, the very energetic German shepherd.

Ms. Maya is now 2 months old and more aware of her surroundings. She smiled at me yesterday. The public health nurse weighed and measured her this week: 13#6oz and 24 inches. Naomi was the same length but more than a lb lighter at the same age. Maya is a big girl. Already her infant seat had to be adjusted to the highest setting to accommodate her long torso.

My realtor/friend presented the results of the inspection to the seller. Iffy electrical box but maybe we'd overlook it and some other minor cosmetic issues if he'd let us have the couch, which we had been covetting but he wanted $800 for. Sure, fine by him.

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