Sunday, September 26, 2010

Family time

About 18 months ago, I entitled another post this. Stat counter showed it as an entry point by a certain organization that seems to be stalking me. Word to the wise; never put ones last name on anything; not even a caption which I had done in this instance. It didn't matter that my first and last name was separated by a paragraph. The name has been removed but the stalking continues.

But we try to have a family dinner once a month even though part of our family is in economic exile in MA. I keep hoping that the space left by my former employer will fill up with research companies that could hire my SIL. At the same time, I was invited to a neighbor's BBQ but somehow standing in the cold with Steve pleading with his eyes Can we go yet?didn't seem like much fun. We had gone early to see the open house next door that my friend/realtor had staged. Furnished houses, especially nicely furnished houses sell better than empty ones. I like looking at houses though I hate dealing with pushy realtors.

We drove by fields of ginormous pumpkins. It must be a great pumpkin year. We left at dusk; dangerous as his township is the 3rd highest for deer/car crashes. We had just left his neighborhood 5 years ago when we had ours. After his soccer game the other night, the cars had to come to a screeching halt as a herd of deer crossed Fuller Rd.

While Steve was gone earlier helping Naomi yet again, I tried to make some progress downsizing our possessions. Too much stuff.

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