Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Usury R Us, Y?

UM fans the other day Maya with her uncle and aunt
Our state has laws against this, no more than 7% for personal loans. But certain financial institutions are exempt. I guess they would argue they are providing a service for low income people with no credit. How else could they buy a car? So this is the service: Charge 50% premium for a POS car then charge 18% interest. In a twist I didn't expect, they demand a down payment. Fair enough but the down payment is pure interest.The result is that even if we were to take over the loan and rewrite it at a more reasonable interest, it wouldn't help because the damage has already been done. Most of the remaining payments are principal.A whole system added to my evil list.

We had to write a lease up yesterday according to the by-laws. Sorting out financial issues was fun and an eye opener to us all.

Weather wise, it was beautiful though all this dryness is tough on the plants. I haven't seen the hummingbirds in a while. Hopefully last week's cold didn't kill them.

Maya is becoming more alert and interactive. She is happy in the Baby Bjorn, not so much in the stroller. We did take her for a walk for some fresh air.

I spent a nice evening admiring my friend's decorating abilities and having dinner. Shrimp goat cheese pizza. Yum.

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