Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Downtown Ann Arbor in late September

It is Indian summer today with highs near 90. Lately running has been sapping my strength so I went to the Y instead. I am finally recovering from my lack of weight training in July and August and can lift as much I did before. Still I remain the same: fat and slow.

It turns out that we do not have to go through the formal process of converting our condo to a rental unit as a family member is involved. Good, this saves many hassles and money. Steve has been doing the lion's share of dealing with this. My contribution? I found the condo in the first place.

I took Maya for a walk yesterday  with neighbors  stopping me to have a look at her. She is becoming more interactive. She hasn't grown any more hair since she was born. Ther is a half inch  fringe of wavy reddish brown hair above the nape of her neck but it is very sparse on the reast of her head. Her blue eyes have touches of green in them.

In less than a month, my grandsons will be here too. This is the longest I have gone without seeing them.

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