Monday, September 20, 2010

Lost and Found

Pictures of Maya by Naomi

Every time I can't find something, I have to fight the temptation to blame someone else for moving my things. I once was missing my keys for a few months. I know I had put them in the usual place on the table but where were they? Cleaning out my closet, I was about to throw out an old mostly empty cereal box and heard a rattle...Naomi! She was just a toddler though and liked to put things in small places. When my mom was staying with us, she exhibited the same behavior; redistributing our things and then denying she touched them. Alzheimer's Disease is like childhood in reverse; growing up backwards. First she lost her math skills, then reading, then speaking, then walking. In the end  she forgot how to swallow. One loves to see ones child acquire new skills. It is distressing watching ones parent losing them.

Now if I can't find somehing, I probably hid it from myself. Today two things emerged: my cleome seeds and some lotion that has been missing since Maya was born. Minor victories.

Steve went to pick up a few things at the grocery last night. He said he couldn't pick up too much. Why was that? Did he forget to bring money? No, no carts. Living near North Campus, the foreign graduate students seem to think that grocery carts are free and take them to their apartments. Do they return them? No, the grocery store hires some teenager to go retrieve them and bring them back but apparently the carts must be hidden. I saw a few of them thrown into the woods near the golf course on my run. I suppose this isn't their fault as there are no signs saying: Hey those carts are ours, not yours. I feel like yelling at these people,  Is that your cart? Do you realize that many people think you are a thief?

Today Steve is at the city offices seeing what is entailed in registering the condo with them. How many smoke detectors do we need? Does it matter that our tenant is a family member? Do we need a fire door?

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