Saturday, September 25, 2010


Though it was sunny this morning, the sky was dark blue from a storm that never materalized, backlighting the leaves that are changing. An autumn sky. Steve thinks it's too cold to run now but I love it in the high 40s even with the wind.
A car pulled beside me as I started out yesterday.
I admire your tenacity

I feel good running, most of the time. I feel alive. Yes I wish I was faster or more graceful.
We spent much time feathering Naomi's nest yesterday and Steve was over there again today. All the furniture is put together.
I see from my statcounter, a person with an android is back on my blog fishing again. Creepy.

Now blogger has its own stats that records things form a different viewpoint. The number one blog read? Donkey Stew, mostly from foreign ips. Number two : Hummingbird and their imposters.

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