Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scenes from a Marriage

When I was going to school, a few us went to see Scenes from a Marriage. Earlier that day, I had a bicycle accident. Though I didn't break anything, I did badly sprain my arm. I had no money for meds so I decided to tough it out. This was such a long movie and I didn't understand it one bit. I just kept feeling my arm.One of the women I went with was married. She said I would need to be married to understand it. Well maybe...
The Happy Couple
The guests. Our half is to right of the bride. Naomi wearing Josh's jacket is next to the groom. Josh is holding Daniel and Shanna is holding Oliver. Dontae is behind Naomi and next to me
Steve shakes the groom's hand
Oliver getting down
Anyway, my new SIL sent these the other day of her wedding a couple weeks before Maya was born.
The 3 sibs. Yeah they look alike

A beautiful cool day. After running, Steve and I went shopping. I'd figured we'd be the only ones left in town but NO.....
Sunny was much better last night although at 4 am, she started her whining.Her parents might pick her up tonight..we'll see.

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