Friday, September 24, 2010

Moving day

We are now officially landlords as we closed earlier today on our condo that we will rent to Dontae and Naomi. Our garage is full of Naomi's stuff, which hopefully will be gone today. My job is to watch Maya while Steve and Naomi move the stuff. I worried about them in their place in Ypsi. This place should be much safer and much, much nicer. No sewage gurgling through the bathtub drain; no arsons and shoot-outs, etc. No broken locks, etc.

It was already 80 and humid when I ran before the closing. Now we have very strong winds. Several of the traffic lights are out near our house but the main road near our house is finally open. Happy Days! Going anywhere was a nightmare.

They are shortening the halves of the soccer game now that daylight is disappearing. Another mom was there last night videoing her son so I am not the only mom. Josh's friend's mom comes occasionally too. The other day she yelled at the ref to give someone a green card. Oops.

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