Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just desserts

From the Longueuil bakery we went to last month. Yum.

There are many expressions that just don't make sense in English: one of them is someone getting ones just desserts.Yeah, I know what it means, getting what you deserve but does anyone deserve a bad dessert much less more than one dessert.

So what has been happening in the Land of ex-tumors and teenage pregnancy? Well the condo sale is still on. There was an interesting case of seller's regret in which someone thought they should get more money for the condo. Well someone should not have signed a contract then. But that crisis seems to have passed.

For the past month or so, if we needed to get the air conditioner going, we'd need to bang on the thermostat resulting in sparks and often, the circuit breaker tripping. Then it would never stop on its own even when the target temperature was reached. Steve would get up several times a night banging on the thermostat, then turning it off. The furnance and air conditioner are almost 40 years old. The furnance has been rated 50% efficient and we have huge bills despite keeping things cool. Of course someone leaving the windows open for fresh air at night didn't help either. But with tax credits and winter ahead, it was time to replace both the furnance and air conditioner.

The old furnance out on our driveway. All the rust was due to the flood of 2004.

So they were able to do everything all in one day..yesterday. Of course we had no power most of the day and lots of noise. The new furnance is 95% efficient so we are hoping for lower gas bills. We also replaced the useless sparking thermostat. We are left with a pile of concrete that the old air conditioned rested on.

Then Ms. Maya had her official 2 month check up. At 24 5/8 inches and 13#15oz, she's at 98%tile for both height and weight. She had her 5 immunizations, so many these days, so today she is quite crabby. She is doing well with good head control for her age. Naomi also was able to get medication for one of her medical issues that suddenly cropped up.

Maya looking pensive at 10 weeks


Nae said...

correction: maya at 9 weeks and 5 days. put that picture, that jo and i liked up.

Chez said...

Maya is just adorable


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