Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Paletta Grande

Very big poop calls for a very big scoop

Aside from the Art Prize and Chiluly exhibits, the Sculpture Gardens have permanent installations. Back in the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned by the Sforza family (we saw the Sforza palace in Milano last year) to design the world's largest horse sculpture. He made many drawings and constructed  a large clay model only to have the invading French use it as target practice. In the 1970s, an artist Charles Dent decided to use da Vinci's drawings and complete the sculpture but he died before finishing. Another artist, Nina Akamu, took up the project. Da Vinci wanted to cast the whole horse in bronze but all that weight on 2 legs would make that impossible. With some clever engineering, the da Vinci horse was completed and set up in Milano but it wasn't readily accessible to us while we were there. Its replica , The American Horse, is here. The giant pooper scooper is now gone. Perhaps there were liability issues with kids climbing the handle.

Another potential job for us surfaced in my e-mail, one specifically for displaced workers of my former company.

I have 3 varieties of stat analyzers on this blog; each having a different emphasis. One of them says that I have getting plenty of traffic from Latvia. Cool, I think. A new country. But the other two counters show no signs of this or of my alleged South Korean readers either. Strange. More people up to no good?

It is a beautiful fall day here. I ran effortlessly probably due to my day off yesterday (I did walk alot thouugh).

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