Thursday, July 1, 2010

We are in the hospital!

Last full belly shot at 39 weeks in triage while waiting for a room
A day later

Naomi is having the strangest labor ever. She is at 7 cm, having fairly strong contractions, and is in her room now, the tub room, to comfort her if she ever experiences pain. Her girlfriends are visiting her now so I am giving her privacy. Now she is going for a walk..unbelievable. We went for 4 long walks today at a good clip for 3 hours total.. No waddling or heavy breathing for her. The baby's head is down in a good position. They estimate the baby to be about 7 lbs but I bet it is 8. She is quite chipper. Don'tae is coming soon with his family.

All is not peachy here in the land of strange labor. We got a visit today from the  animal cruelty officers!!!! I was asleep at the time as I had stayed up with Naomi. Steve answered the door having no idea what they were talking about, not that they identified themselves at all. It is not clear why they did not ask for me as I was listed as the contact person. No mention was made of Naomi whose dog Dakota really is. Apparently the powers that be do not feel that we have been taking proper care of Dakota (despite the $500 of care over the last 2 weeks) because I didn't swear that I'd immediately take her to an orthopedic specialist. The vet had called me when I was on my way to the hospital. I never said that I wouldn't deal with the leg. Anyrate, if we don't have a plan in place by tomorrow, they will seize special consideration for the fact I am dealing with a laboring teenager..the dog comes first!!!Is the dog in pain? No!We have this in writing from the vet. She told me that the dog MIGHT be in pain in the future as the bone tries to heal but was not in pain for the time being. Apparently my house guest had exaggerated the sub-optimal care she received. Now she denies that she wanted to launch a cruelty investigation but that's what is happening. She had volunteered to take Dakota in while we dealt with other issues in return for her staying with us but we were paying for everything.  Now we are told that she told them or at least gave them the impression, if it weren't for her, the dog would never get care. I have left a message that she is to correct that statement. Meanwhile, she moved out of our house while we were in the hospital dealing with Naomi. She led them to believe she was a neighbor, not a life long friend who was staying with us. I don't know why these people can not get their fact straight as it should be obvious that she was acting as our agent. She had the vet write down all her findings so there would be no mistake.

So if someone can't afford a $2000+ surgery, should they have their dog removed? We are not cruel nor was the dog in pain except when it first landed. The leg was not even swollen. Even their vet didn't think the dog was in pain. Would people take their pet to the HS if they knew that the animal could be seized due to alleged neglect? I really think the public should know that this is a possibility. My advice to anyone reading this is NEVER use their clinic.

Naomi was concentrating on her contractions and these dog nazis come in and upset her with this!!!

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Teri Bernstein said...

That is so INSANE ! Suffice it to say, that outside the borders of A-squared...say in Willis or Milan you could have that tiny dog pulling a tiller and no law would intervene. Lucky Naomi, with the pain-free contractions. Go figure...


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