Thursday, July 1, 2010

Maya is ex utero

Don'Tae holds his daughter for the first time
Yep, I'm a girl. About 5 minutes after she was born, Naomi asked-oh, is she a girl?

Happy mom and Maya's first meal. Naomi seems to have nursing down pat.

Maya Rose was born at 9:15 pm weighing 7#14 oz. Naomi happily chatted with friends until 7:30 pm when the new midwife on duty, Ann, decided to break her waters. Contractions then became fast and furious with no breaks in between. She tried to relax in the tub. She handled things quite well with breathing for about an hour but it was becoming more and more difficult. She never asked for drugs nor was she offered any. She did ask for God to help her...please. About 8:45, she was 8 cm. Soon after, she wanted to push and it was hard to get the midwives back. She pushed for about 5- 10 minutes and I could see Maya's head getting bigger and bigger. When there was 2 inches of head showing (looking scarily like the top of a walnut-quite bumpy), she reached down to feel her baby. Several loops of cord were around her neck which made her heart rate go down towards the end. She lay quietly on top of Naomi blinking at her new world while Naomi cried. Soon she was happily nursing after Don'tae cut the cord. She has about a half inch of loose black curls but has very light skin. She is very healthy. It was a miracle.


S. F. Heron said...

Congrats Sue - she's beautiful. Naomi looks proud of herself and she should. Welcome little Maya to this world!

Teri Bernstein said...

OMG ! Hurrah! And Naomi looks great, too! What a fabulous birth...Congratulations, Sue, to you and your whole budding family....

Holly said...

i am so happy for everyone that the babe has arrived safe and sound. mommy seems to be coping are a great mom/grandmom Sue!!

Lisa L said...

wonderful news..congrats to all


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