Sunday, July 18, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Good..

Maya is very healthy and growing quickly. She has now a social smile. Naomi has turned out to be an excellent mom full of milk. The baby rarely leaves her body and sleeps on her chest. It hasn't worn a hole on the back of its head like many babies left to sleep by themselves. She is patient and attentive. I hope she continues to be. People have been very supportive of her sending her many presents and encouraging her to keep up the good work. So many times, even mature moms, have had their breast feeding derailed by bad advice. Yesterday Josh and Julia stopped by when Naomi and her little family was here. My kids are my blessings and we are close. Naomi went out to dinner with Dontae for the first time without the baby. I had a bottle of expressed milk to tide Maya over. Still Naomi has many obstacles to overcome in her life.

The Bad....

Insurance issues are a nightmare. More work needs to be done this week to untangle this. We took one credit card away from Naomi and she chose to open another account and has managed that badly. The investigator seemed annoyed that Naomi was the owner as she would be harder to prosecute, not that they might not try. He said he didn't believe she was the owner. Basically that is his interrogation style: you're a liar! That can't be! Naomi showed him numerous videos on her phone of Dakota's early days and when she persuaded him to let her see Dakota one last time, it was very clear she was the owner. Dakota was so happy!!Maybe they will let me go home..I've been so good. but Naomi had to walk away bawling her eyes out. And they don't consider being uprooted from a happy home cruelty? Do they think threatening to seize a dog while you were in labor cruelty? Obviously animals mean more than humans to them. THE DOG WAS NOT IN PAIN AND WAS PROVIDED WITH MEDICAL CARE. The dog had some rare medical condition in which part of its femur was missing or dead. This would have been impossible to predict.
Withholding medical care is considered 'animal abuse'. But the dog did receive care..$500 worth. Obviously we were not hiding anything. We went to this organization for care.The investigator regalled Naomi with cases he is working on..dogs having all 4 legs broken, dogs beaten with a hammer (this case was in the paper today) and I asked him..honestly do you think this case is even remotely like that? He said no. I do think he feels badly now that it is clear what the story is but he allegedly has no choice. The prosecutor reviews the case Monday. I had him read the vet's written statement that the dog did not appear to be in pain. He wouldn't include it in the report but I had him sign that he has read that statement.The sheriff did tell Josh that the dog was unusually friendly and happy.

The ugly...
Me. I am a mess of weeping wounds. I can not wear a bra now and my eye is all swollen due to a lesion on my lid. At least the lesions inside..yes private parts have gone away. I am not going out in public for a while though I have had visitors. I keep putting on antibiotic ointment to prevent secondary infections. I realize that a shot of prednisone will make this all go away as it has in the past but I am without a doctor no thanks to insurance changes. Three weeks is what I've read this takes to pass..this too shall pass. A few days left.

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