Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vicarious European adventure

The main platz near the Dom full of musicians, mimes, biergartens, cafes in Koln
Paris fountain

Josh's Paris breakfast

The Kolner Dom at night

Josh doing the limbo in a bar. Big glass of Koelsch nearby

Eiffel Tower

The Dom during the day. Second tallest cathedral in Europe

A Beer Bike. Not sure if you are to peddle while drinking

Josh and his 2 co-workers at night

Not sure yet if I will get my own European adventure this year so I have to live vicariously through my son. I was hoping since his companions were at least 10 years older, they would know Europe more but it turns out that Josh was the Paris expert based on my notes to him and his French class.
Maya had her big weigh-in yesterday: 8#3oz A whopping gain of 11 oz in a week and 9 oz since she was at the doctors' last Tuesday. Seems a little yellow to me and a lot sleepier than what I remember newborns as but noone seemed concerned. Naomi spent some time straightening out her school stuff and I gardened avoiding things that I should be doing. I didn't run as I am just tired. I can ignore the poison ivy during the day and it is getting better, but at night after the Benedryl wears off, it becomes hard. Still new spots keep popping up too.


Jill said...

Great photos...thanks for sharing. I am off to Amsterdam, Koln, Salzberg and the Black forest next week. I hope you get to go on your trip soon. I just have to try to get this Arimidex under control or if not my oncologist said to go off of it until we come back.
Congratulations on your new granddaughter Maya:)

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I am so jealous Jill. We took a trip through the Black Forest about 7 years ago. We stayed in this real cute town called Staufen, very pretty.

Holly said...

Maya is a sweet little thing!


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