Saturday, July 3, 2010

Invasion of the grandbabies

Such tiny hands
Hard to believe that less than a year ago, Daniel was smaller than Maya

Sleeping peacefully on Grandma's bed

All the grandkids-2 days, 10 months, 29 months
Naomi was released today. Lots of hurry-up and wait situations getting her ready to leave. Since it is a Saturday and a holiday weekend, the hospital was empty with little services. Noone to check to see if we installed the car seat correctly (a very time consuming chore and we still don't think it's in right).
Shanna was too tired to drive through the night so they stopped but eventually made it here.
While Naomi was off showing the baby (I tried to float the idea of visitors coming to see her..not her driving all over the place with a newborn) I ran in the oven like heat. At least the humidity is low though it is baking my plants to a crisp.
No word from my world traveller. Hopefully he is safe.


Holly said...

what a lovely, lovely feeling to have all your grandbabies under your roof...i am still waiting and longing for grandbabies of my own...right now i settle for Sprout - my daughter and her girlfriend's dog...check out Reappropriate this ( my daughter's blog) or daily collision (her girlfriend's blog). my son is only 21 and still trying to figure out how to get a girlfriend...he thinks it is grossly unfair that his sister has a girlfriend before he does!!

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

These babies just suddenly pop up-especially in my case. A few years ago, I thought my best chance for grandkids was with my son as he was settled (good job, married to a high school sweetheart) but none for him yet as they keep finding reasons for waiting..bad economy being just one of them. I am hoping that Maya will spark some baby fever in my DIL.
But your girls in NY seem to have a committed relationship so they sound like good candidates.
Thanks for your good wishes.


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