Sunday, July 25, 2010

Out on the farm

Topiary dolphins from the Montreal Botanical Gardens. I might  go there in person soon to deal with some details of of step-grandmother's estate and see this garden for myself.
Recently one of the Moms (our 30+year post-part-partum support group) purchased a 64 acre farm complete  with a 4 acre spring-fed lake and is currently remodelling the house. We went there last night to provide input on decorating choices (as the whole interior of the home needs updating). As Friday's storms caused wide-spread damage, there was no electricity so it was hard to see all of the insides. As beautiful as the land is and the house will be, it sounds like so much work. In the somewhat neglected garden, there appeared to be a bunch of mint. Oh good, I could use some spearmint but it was catnip. (A warning to the wise: never plant this stuff as it spreads so quickly and can not be killed). I picked some of the leaves for our hostess's 3 kitties and they went wild, especially one of them.

But it was a very nice night watching the bats, drinking wine,  having great food and conversation and being attacked by a peeper. There was a tiny frog climbing the walls of her house (didn't know they could climb). When Mom 1 picked the peeper up for a closer look, it jumped onto Mom 2 who was startled. Alas no video.

Even though it is a beautiful day, I couldn't motivate myself to run. We did have brunch with Josh, which is always nice. Hopfully Maya will come over later. I haven't seen her in 2 days.

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