Sunday, July 4, 2010

Poison ivy

Baby and me shortly after birth. Maya still has the antibiotic ointment smeared across her eyes. They need a water soluble replacement. They had given Silver Nitrate to my first two (water soluble) but that has changed. Note my new glasses picked up just the day before. Please do not note the roots that need retouching badly. When my babies aren't around, then maybe I'll deal with roots. My chemo curls have morphed into chemo waves.

I am very sensitive to poison ivy. I am constantly scanning my surroundings for it and refuse to walk on paths where it may be brushing up against me. A month ago, we were walking Dakota down a path and I had to keep her on a very short lead due to it presence. The person with me saw no such danger so I had to do the dog leading. A few years ago I started to tug on it in my garden when I realized what it was. I quickly ran to wash it off and did not touch anything including my body. But 3 days later, the rash was all over my belly (which I certainly didn't touch). The other day, in a part of my yard I never saw poison ivy, I started to pull on a very small plant..ugh! baby poison ivy but so small the leaves weren't completely formed (it did have a red squarish stem though) I touched everything with my left uncontaminated hand and washed with fatty soap forever. Too late. It is all over my neck and under my chin 4 days later. I am nervous about Sunny's romps through the woods. She's given it to Julia a few times, who must be as sensitive as me. Last year I was careful to garden with gloves on at all times due to how fragile my nails were (thanks Taxol!!) and my immune system not being its usual self. I wore through the finger tips..need new gloves.

Maya had her first period yesterday. I had asked Naomi earlier and she thought I was crazy but Don'tae remembered that I said this was a possibility and didn't panic when they saw a bit of old blood.

All the babies (and their parents) come later today.
Happy Fourth!!!!!

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Teri Bernstein said...

Yes, Happy 4th. Interdependence Day, in some cases. Actually, I think your hair looks really great, and I love the new glasses. Maya is lucky to be born into a family like yours...

I do advise you to take that movie of Dakota romping. It might come in handy.



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