Friday, July 30, 2010

A bloody mess..

That would be my face and knee. As I was putting out Spud's bedding to dry, I tripped on this step I put in to help him get in and out of our house falling onto a ceramic sculpture. The damage:

One split lip: Amazing amount of blood associated with that but it's finally slowly down to a few drops
Two chipped front teeth: dental work will be needed.
Skinned knee; minor but lots of blood. Doesn't hurt beyond that.
Stubbed toe: most worrisome. It hurts if I try to extend it.
Smooshed plant
Sculpture seems OK.

Dontae and his brother came over last night  while Naomi was out running errands. To pass the time, they started to play bball unaware of the hornet's nest hidden in the grape leaves. Oops.

I was out watching Josh. His team was 2 men short (7 play at any one time). The other team had 4 subs and was gleefully counting its chickens before they hatched. But  the 5 guys that showed were the best guys and they ended up winning. Julia came out too and it was nice talking with her.

A nice non-humid morning good for running. Ms. Hummingbird visited the feeded every 10 minutes while I sat out on the patio eating breakfast and doing my puzzles. I hadn't see Mr. Rabbit for awhile but found him the other night non-chalantly snacking in my rock garden. I clapped my hands: no response. Just as I was about to tap him on the shoulder, he moved to another part of my garden.


Nae said... slipped and ALL of that happened. I don't understand how you put yourself in situations like this. Last time you broke your arm. hope it doesn't hurt too bad.

Sara Williams said...

Oooh Sue, that sounds painful! Please promise me to be more careful in future!


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