Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Cleome from the web. My camera is in Germany and I hate to use Steve's plus he hides it

I planted several cleomes a few weeks ago. They are tall and lacy. The leaves look like marajuana plants. Wouldn't Cleome make a nice name? The downside of them is that they smell like a skunk sprayed them.

I have been trying to control the itching from the poison ivy with benedryl but I must keep myself awake today to deal with many things. I have since read that washing with soap after possible exposure is counter-productive and spreads the oil. I should have washed myself with rubbing alcohol instead. Meanwhile the lesions have spread from my neck to my arms and I have a patch around my waist.

On the 4th, Don'Tae brought one of his brothers over for our dinner, a very polite 11 year old boy. During labor, two of his sisters were in the room. Naomi's favorite was certainly not my favorite. She asked (demanded) the nurse to fetch her something and while Naomi was trying to concentrate on contractions, she amused herself noisily with texting. When I asked her to take it to the waiting room (where there is no reception, ha!), she glared at me defiantly. Just love those teenage girls with their thinly disguised contempt!I told her that things have changed, any distraction wouldn't be good for Naomi. Also I stopped Don'tae from talking to Naomi in the middle of the contractions (Wait until the needle goes down!) but then there wasn't many breaks. Finally Don'tae got the message and sent the sisters packing. Don'tae seemed puzzled over the many aspects of labor and delivery. He must not have been paying attention in that class I sent them to but at least Naomi did. She was very good at breathing through the hard contractions. When I had Naomi, they remarked how large the placenta was. I do have a rather disgusting picture of my mega placenta. But Maya's placenta was only one third the size. No wonder she's tiny.

We are taking her to her first doctor's visit and then to put her on her own health insurance. The offices have been closed up to today.


Teri Bernstein said...

Sue--Dick is highly allergic to urushiol--and it is a cumulative allergy; each subsequent outbreak is worse.

the cure: Ammonia. You're the chemist--you figure it out. But: it totally, totally works to neutralize the evil rash-producer.

Also note: let others peel mangoes for you. There is urushiol in the skin of those, too...

From the web:

Ammonia neutralizes urushiol. In a spray bottle, mix one part household ammonia to ten parts water. Spray your skin and clothes before going into areas with poison ivy. Also spray yourself immediately after contact. Allow to dry thoroughly before washing up. When used within 20 minutes of exposure it is effective in preventing the rash. It does not work on established rashes.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Is there posison ivy in CA or was this left over from his Midwest days?
It is amazing that I got such a reaction from just tugging on the stem..the leaves were just starting to form on this seedling.
There are some mangos in my refridgerator but I haven't tried to peel them. I won't press my luck.


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