Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dakota in action

The dogs have clearly identified whose toys are whose. The big rope even though it weighs as much as Dakota, Sunny decided was Dakota's so if Dakota touches the rope,Sunny drops it. But the reason I posted this was to show what an active, healthy dog Dakota is and what a miscarriage of justice this is.The dog does not appear to be in pain. Even the vet wrote that the dog didn't seem to be in pain. When I pointed out they came an hour before I took Naomi to the hospital to have a baby, they said that wasn't any excuse. It wasn't like Dakota was hemorraghing to death, she had a limp.


Teri Bernstein said...

Sunny knows it's not a fair fight....Oh, Sue--the Dakota tale is so painful. She is so cute...and obviously OK. If someone saw my 14 year old Ginger...which I hope you will be able to meet...with her visibly decaying hips...I am sure they would lock me up...but Ginger has so many things she likes...and our vet is so good about prescribing pain meds (go Pfizer! ) ...I thought that So. Cal. was the land of the pet Naxis (excuse my French).
I am sooo sad about Dakota...maybe you should tell the authorities that you are bringing Dakota to a two-pet home next month (MINE!) I am a certified SPCA successful rescuer of a 4-time rejected pet.

OK...I realize it is too late. My heart goes out to you and Naomi...and Dontae as well, if he was involved...

Alli said...

sue I am in complete and utter shock. I read this story about Dakota and can't believe the cruelty on the part of the authorities. I would be putting this story on the front page of the newspaper. Let others read this miscarriage of justice.....

I can offer you my support and {{{{{HUGS}}}}}
I would have gladly smuggled this doggie over the border!

Maya is such a little beauty.. Her face has really filled out..



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