Friday, July 23, 2010

Ann Arbor Art Fair

Every year for 4 days, our fair city comes to a standstill due to these fairs. I usually go for a couple of the days. You'd need to go for morning til night to see everything. I couldn't get too excited about going this year but today, on the toastiest and most humid of days, I went with the other 4 moms. It was fun looking at everything. Four of us bought a bunch of stuff at Orchid Lane, one of my favorite shops with their unique clothes and friendly staff. I'll include a picture  of one of my purchases tomorrow. I grossed out the moms with my multi-colored lesion covered torso in the dressing room  though thankfully, I am in healing mode.The rain and thunderstorm came up suddenly and we all scrambled for shelter. Temps were in the 90s. One advantage of living near North Campus is that I can have a free ride on the campus bus to get back home.

Ms. Hummingbird approves of the new nectar though already one of those earwigs found it.

Another soccer night probably cancelled due to a tornado watch and storms. Julia is off to Puerto Rico as she missed out on the New York trip, several Chicago trips and of course the German trip.

No nurse visit for Naomi due to the nurse becoming injured. Hopefully they won't give her a new one as she has a rapport with Ann.

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