Thursday, July 8, 2010


The word urushiol is derived from the Japanese 'urushi' which means lacquer. This substance was in the lacquer used to preserve the gold leaf inlays of lacquerware. It's been 9 days since I tugged on a possible poison ivy seedling but now I can't sleep for the lesions that have spread from my neck to my groin. Other sources of urushiol? Mangoes of all things. My former house guest left a box of these behind: 2 kinds. Now I haven't touched these things though I ate an already peeled one. The fruit is free of the poison but the rind contains it. I've eaten mangos happily without any symptoms but I have never peeled one. Another example of good intentions turning into poison. I looked for the seedling for Steve to dig up and bag but it is gone; must have dried up in this incredible heat wave we are having.

I have to water the plants several times a day and wake up very early to run. I haven't run as much as usual due to all the activity going on.  Maya was here yesterday during the day too. Still a very sleepy little girl. Loves to nurse though.

Dakota was romping at full tilt using both legs. On the next visit, we'll take the movie camera to document this.

We took her in for her first check-up Tuesday morning. She had gained 2.5 oz since the nurse weigh-in the day before. 35%tile for head and weight: 79%tile for height though an ounce either way really changes those numbers. All the staff seemed very surprised to see a young mom nursing, I guess it's rare. Some comments were made about Maya's unusually long feet but we know where she got those from. Naomi strolls in there with short shorts and a tight tank top. Definitely did not look like a new mom. She did have an uncomfortable moment in the waiting room when she needed to nurse and a man was there. It was hard to construct a privacy tent with a receiving blanket. Shanna has since given her her "Hooter-Hider" as Daniel's needs aren't so pressing. He will be cut off on his first birthday.

Some of my friends came over to see the boys. Maya wasn't there though but she will be around other times. The grandboys won't be. They are both active little guys. Oliver is constantly chattering in his language mixed with American sign language. Very hard to understand him. His aunt was watching him the other day and he complained of something in his eye. Bee! Bee! She looked for insects and was puzzled. The culprit was sand which he associates with the beach. But he doesn't say beach, just B. He reverses sounds: Vee-Tee instead of TV. He can indentify written letters and figure out what letter a word probably starts with but is having trouble repeating words. He has an amazing receptive vocabulary and puts 3 words together. It is just hard to understand these words. We do hear Me and No alot. While his mom was out and he had snuck out of bed, I took him on a night walk looking at fireflies and all my color changing lights. Daniel smiles alot and tries to charm people with his tricks: clapping, showing how big he is and vigorously shaking his head no. He is very cute, a little dumpling weighing just slightly less than his 18 month older brother. He does not sleep through the night. I hear him now as I type fussing. But during the day, he's an angel.

We watched Germany vs Spain soccer semi-final which I am sure the whole town where Josh is staying was watching. Alas the Germans did not show up with their A game. They are lucky Spain didn't have more goals. I am sure he helped them drown their sorrows in Koelsch, the one German word he has learned.


Kathy& Chris said...

Is poison ivy allergy related to latex allergy? I swear I recall hearing that those with latex gloves should avoid the mango peels as well.
As I knaw mangos right off the peel, I guess I'm not sensative to urishiol.
Hope you are feeling better.
Beautiful grandbabies!

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

I am not allergic to latex. I used to do demos in school and would pass a latex glove around with a bit of dry ice in it. The hot little hands would make the glove expand that much more. One kid discovered a latex allergy this way.


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