Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Talon talent

Looks like Baby Pan. Instead of her ears, you can just see Naomi's talons for that Rosemary's Baby vibe

Naomi really likes to have those silly nails. Of course they interfered with basbetball. The coach had seen her off season and said that those nails better be gone before the season. She didn't get nails while pregnant due to the toxic fumes but not long after Maya popped out, Don'tae's sister gave her a set. Maya occasionally latches on to the wrong body part. To break the suction, you are supposed to insert a finger in the baby's mouth to stretch the lips. But with these nails, Naomi can't do that.

They went for another visit to straighten out the insurance fiasco. Allegedly it will be fixed but only time will tell.

I was reading up on Legg-Calve-Perthes disease. In it, the femur head doesn't have the proper blood supply so the head becomes brittle and fragile. It is genetic and fairly common in small breeds especially Manchester terriers (which Dakota may be part for all we know-she has terrier like behaviors.) This happens in humans too. The vet suggested this could be the case as a 2 foot jump onto carpet should not fracture a leg.
Soccer night tonight. It was raining for the last 2 games and he was out of town for the 4 games before that. Tonight is fairly cool so I'll watch Josh in action.

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Nae said...

i can't break the suction even with them off. You know that.You saw me PAINFULLY trying.


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