Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Soccer night

Naomi, Maya and beautiful presents..all received shortly before the Sad Event

Last night I went out to watch Josh and his teammates play soccer. It started to rain again but fortunately stopped after about 5 minutes. This was to be our cool day for the week but it was quite hot and humid. Fortunately it was relatively cool in the morning so I could get a long run in.

Due to their usual goalie not being there, Josh played goal, which is not so much fun to watch as when he is in the field but he was awesome. His black eye is finally healing, a workplace injury not a soccer injury. You'd think being an engineer/designer would be a safe job but an employee darting out of the bathroom collided with him catching his eye with their jaw. Fuller Field is surrounded by a river on 3 sides. Leading up to the river bank are trees and a wide zone of poison ivy. Now that they have fences around the fields, the ball doesn't roll into the poison ivy as much (this really became a problem for his former coach) but the ball ended up there last night. The ref jumped the fence to retrieve it with me running after him to tell him what was there. But he said that he is resistant and it's part of his service to get the balls out of there. Hopefully he doesn't sensitize himself.

The humidity really drained the life out of me during my run this morning. Due to all that is going on, sleep is difficult. My rash is getting better though.

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