Thursday, July 22, 2010

Flowers and more

Black-eyed Susan vine
Bag of impatiens

Notice the new look of my blog. The 3rd party provider of my background said they would remove my background tomorrow. Something about it taking up too much bandwidth. They said I could choose another background but last time, it took hours of editing code to get it right so back to Blogger's default backgrounds.Maybe if I had more time on my hands.. I also added a different editor which theoretically has much more features if I could only figure out how to use them. I can now move pictures around instead of them all being loaded on the top. Can't figure out how to put captions yet but all of the above are pictures of my patio as of today with bags of flowers, morning glories, delphiniums, black eyed susan vines, etc.

My hummingbird feeded was really gross and I was afraid it killed my little friend. It has new stuff in it so come back. We just saw it feeding on the neighbor's hostas.

The insurance issue seems to be OK. The insurance that Naomi erroneously was given called to give a screen for postpartum depression and to make sure everything is OK. Naomi said she never got a card from them. You are at 220 Center, right? and  Naomi gave the correct address.

Now the whole problem arose because the wrong address was entered for Naomi so she never received important mail. She asked DHS what address did they have for her but they couldn't tell her because  it was 'confidential'. OK, that is weird enough but wouldn't the caseworker realize that there was something strangely familiar about the address..that it was the exact address of where the case worker was at that moment?

Naomi told them her biggest problem is that they don't seem to be covering UM's bill. Oh we have high-risk patients referred to them all the time.Naomi pointed out that she was not high risk as she was a midwife patient but the woman said that shouldn't matter, she would be covered and if she wasn't, this woman would personally deal with it.

Hopefully she is right.

So Ms. Maya is 3 weeks old today. This isn't a great picture but she is wearing a gift from their apartment mate. What happens at Grandma's, Stays at Grandma's. Their roommate's baby is 4 months old but is the same length as Maya. The baby and his mom moved out though the baby is there sometimes on weekends. So this new photo  editor lets me put pictures where I want them.

Normally I don't like to run 4 days in a row but tomorrow will be devoted to the Art Fair with my friends. I stuck to the neighborhood today. The little hills are no longer a problem. Two years ago I was running every morning in the Appenine Mountains with Dave, the Maremma sheep dog by my side bodyslamming me trying to get me to go back to the village. He was a stray that had difficulty walking but could run. Sheep dogs will herd people if they don't have sheep. In the mountains, they need big sheepdogs to deal with the wolves; border collies won't do. I only saw the wolf once but Elena, my cinema teacher saw it quite a few times as she ran to Secinaro. I worried more about the boars..saw lots of them in my early morning runs.
Dave and I in the piazza outside of the monastery. I'd try to sneak by him in the morning but somehow he'd find me. Once I started feeding him my leftovers, he no longer considered me a sheep and didn't come after me.


Holly said...

the garden of your life is overflowing with beauty and are blessed! i wish you were my neighbor!! we would have so much fun together....

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Hey Holly
I'd love to have you as a neighbor too!


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