Friday, July 2, 2010

First day on earth

Asleep in her bassinet
Getting clean for their big trip

I've yet to see Ms. Maya with her eyes open but Don'Tae took this shot while I wasn't around. From this, it appears she has Naomi's eyes and mouth. Naomi says the eyes are green but there's a good chance they will turn brown. No sign of red hair.

Since Naomi had the baby after 8 pm, she isn't being kicked out until tomorrow. So far Maya appears to be quite healthy and eager to nurse. We visited her today and all is well.

When Dakota jumped off a bed onto a carpet and had trouble walking, Naomi did take her to the HS but without her paying cash up front, they wouldn't see her. So much for wanting to help dogs. Just as well they didn't see her as then they would seize the dog if she didn't have resources to fix it. Apparently dog ownership is only for the rich.But she seemed to get better and clearly was not in pain, we assumed she'd heal (and now she is using her leg even more!).Even the vet who first examined her agreed that the dog was not in pain. We have this in writing. Today was the day we had to prove we have a surgery scheduled or they seize the dog. In their eyes, this was way more important than Naomi being in labor. Imagine being in labor and some bully comes in threatening to take your dog away!!! No word from them yet. Dakota is no longer with us. One would assume they have bigger fish to fry with all the dog fighting going on but this investigator seemed fairly committed. Meanwhile our house guest denied launching this. She has said that they asked her if she would like to file a 'cruelty' charge but said no.She said she had no idea that they would pursue this. I am angry at her because she knew how much the dog was loved and cared for. How come she couldn't tell them that?

And would people take their animals to the HS if they knew that if somehow some rare condition is found, they would be prosecuted for not knowing about it?

And my adorable grandsons should be on their way as I type to visit. They (the parents) will try to drive while they sleep. They aren't so adorable being confined and awake. So tomorrow, I will see all my grandbabies.

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