Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beatle fans

Back in the 60s, we loved the Beatles! We would take turns spinning fantasies about Paul and John leaving their wives and girlfriends for us. Recently I have contacted 2 of these ladies pictured below:
One of the people is no longer my friend so is exed out. The nerdiest one there with the perpetual cowlick and pointy glasses is myself. All of us lived on the same street except Ms. Exe. We are 11 or 12 here.
This is the front of the house. The picture above was taken on the back patio. This picture was taken after the flippers I sold it to fixed it up .

I now have a wall of morning glories. I have lines  all over the place for my 4 plants plus the black eyed susan vine that also has 6 foot long vines. Soon I will be under a canopy of blossoms.

Morning glories in their glory 3 years ago. This kind hasn't bloomed yet; just the smaller darker kind but in a few weeks I will have more blooms than this.

Maya is here with me. We need to go relieve Sunny as Josh is working and Julia is still in Puerto Rico.

It is still hot here but at least the humidity has dropped making my running easier.

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